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General Information

In line with our joint commitment to the role corporates must play in developing young talent to take the nation forward, Nedbank and Old Mutual aim to harness the thoughts and opinions of students from a diversity of backgrounds and countries. Entrants are encouraged to be bold, innovative and meticulous in their research.

Because the possibility exists that the fruit of this competition could be an idea or innovation that could change the course of South African economic history, we offer generous cash prizes.

2017 Prizes

Postgraduate Category

  • 1st Prize: R150 000
  • 2nd Prize: R100 000
  • 3rd Prize: R50 000

Undergraduate Category

  • 1st Prize: R60 000
  • 2nd Prize: R40 000
  • 3rd Prize: R20 000

Virtual Tutors

A team of Virtual Tutors are available to help you. They will provide support and guidance on research methodology, the structure, articulation, referencing principles and general troubleshooting.

Closing Date: 31 May 2017


For queries about the competition, please contact the Budget Speech Competition administrator on:

Email :
Tel : 082 457 0819

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